Gundi Falk is a trained contemporary dancer, a painter and a sculptor. Her work revolves around the themes of movement, permanent change, rhythm and space.
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Artists point of view

The most important thing is to be rooted in the present. Everything is decided in the moment and responds to that moment. I work in a state of high concentration, a kind of meditative state between inner and outer worlds.

By doing and enjoying what I am doing I get closer to what I am; Creating is as vital as my own breathing. Mine is a world of freedom, where I am not searching to copy the real world but to transcend it. It is about beeing curious and giving space to mystery.


To me, the act of creation is like riding a horse : one has to be perfectly present, light and strong all at once. You know that the horse can throw you off at any moment but you go for that moment when you no longer know whether you are leading or being led.